Itzik Cohen, IZCohen is a Israeli artist. He is best known for his existential expressionist original sculpturing combining Classic and Contemporary Modern Art he gives birth to unique and exquisite pieces.

In his work IZCohen aims to explore the role of sensory perception particularly vision and movement the creative thought processes, stressing the special character of his persona, subjective experience, freedom and autonomy of his individuality.

His sculptures made of Bronze, Bronze and Glass and Marble finished Concrete ensures endless existence and durability against all environmental changes.

IZCohen sculpture fills in of presence all possible space. In the Gallery Category you will find a designed name and price for each original work.

IZCohen's workshop "The Art of Sculpture" dedicated and experienced team ensures all purchased arts will be properly packed and tracked until arrival to final destination.

Sculpturing and Mentoring are essential parts of IZCohen 's life routine. He enjoys teaching young Art Students in his special atelier in the Upper Galilee of Israel.

Along the years,  in Israel, Itzik’s Cohen arts exhibited in many art galleries and outdoors spaces , yet his creations live within homes and gardens.

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The Art of Sculpturing

 Maayan Baruch- Upper Galilee -1222000 Israel